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RICO’s long 20 years service life ensured low maintenance – low water topping up requirement PLANTE` Stationary Battery Banks are widely used where reliable stand-by power is essential for critical application, such as Power Plants, Electric sub-stations, large UPS system, continuous process plants, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) etc.
RICO’s PLANTE` Battery cells are made with positive plates of over 99.99% Pure Lead. High Lead Purity is essential for quality PLANTE` Battery/Cell.
PLANTE` Cells are made in Transparent SAN Container imported from Italy/France/Germany etc. Transparent Containers help to visually check the level of electrolyte, colour of Plates, colour of electrolyte, condition of plates, separators etc. which help to ascertain the health of the cells of the battery. Also 20 years service life ensuring Phenol Formaldehyde Resin make DARAK German separators are used to make Long Life RICO PLANTE` cell.
Life Cycles and AH Capacities are tested in Computerized and Microprocessor controlled Automatic Life Cycle-cum-Charge/Discharge Testing Machine with in-built Data Logger of Ador Digatron – Germany make.
These are generally favoured for use in Power Plants, Electric Sub-Stations, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), High capacity UPS System, any kind of Emergency stand-by Power Supply and similar applications.   

  • RICO PLANTE` Battery positive plates are made of Ultra Pure Lead (purity over 99.99%) and negative plates are made with grids of Low-Antimony Alloy.
  • Such Ultra Lead Purity is tested in imported BRUKER, Germany make high accuracy Computer Controlled Optical Emission Spectrometer/Metal Analyzer Machine.
  • RICO PLANTE` Battery containers are moulded of tough duty Transparent Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) Plastic along with shock resistant character and easily removable ABS Cell Lids are used for easy maintenance and periodic inspection.
  • Vertical overlapping between Cell Containers and ABS Cell Lid is adequate enough to arrest/reduce leakage voltage through this path due to its longer length and also reduces exit of gaseous fumes from cells through this path.
  • German make DARAK Phenol Formaldehyde Resin Separators provides uniform porosity with deep ribs, it provides better electrolyte circulation, low acid displacement and very low electrical resistance resulting maximum current delivery. It resists cracking under the mechanical forces for superior physical characteristics. The separators are Chlorine contamination free, which ensures quality of Electrolyte throughout the service life of the battery.
  • RICO PLANTE` Cell has superior high rate discharge performance characteristics i.e. capability to deliver high current for short duration required in critical applications.
  • PLANTE` cell’s high Ampere-Hour and Watt-Hour efficiency enable optimized sizing of PLANTE` Battery Bank compared to Tubular Batteries for all critical and non-critical Auxiliary Power Application.
  • High charging current acceptance capability of RICO PLANTE` cells ensure quick boost charging of the battery bank, in case of its higher use or higher DOD level, as it may be required in case of an emergency.
  • These cells require very low maintenance – water topping up frequency once in 12-24 months for best service life, when maintained as per our O&M Manual and at recommended float voltage and float current levels.
  • Designed service life expectance is over 20 years on normal float or trickle charge operation at 25˚C ambient temperature.
  • PLANTE` cells offer maximum efficiency and reliability for the widest range variety of applications of Industrial Power as most dependable power source.
  • These battery cells are Type Tested & manufactured conforming to IS: 1652 – 2013, IEC: 896 and also BS: 6290, Part-II.

 We have executed a high valued order of 25 sets 110/384 volt 40ah, 220volt 150ah , 220volt 200ah , 220volt 250ah, 220volt 350ah capacity plante battery banks ( as per vsp’s po. No. 4510012007 dt. 04/01/2017). Perfectly within delivery schedule/ in time. All the batteries have been  commissioned and working at different sites at tpps & distribution sub – station, upto the best satisfaction of the customer/vsp.
We have supplied/ commissioned one set of plante battery bank of cap. 110 volt 645 ah cap. At khauli h.E. Project of hpseb, which is working nicely since its supply and commissioning in 2005, I.E. Over 15year.
We have also supplied plante battery bank to rourkela steel plant and also others to metro railway, bhel, tata steel, hindustan lever, xerox modi, etc.
We have supplied tubular stationary battery banks to dsp, vsp, ccl, mcl, bccl, ncl, nhpc, etc. Enclosed some important performance certificates of our plante & other batterries from our customers of our credentials among others.
For commercialization installation of a 46 mw/ 132kv bess power system we jointly organized a whole-day seminar in cea auditorium at ministry of power new delhi, along with abb-switzerland & iit-kgp and active participation of cea members. Some documents are enclosed in "Gallery". 

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