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Deep discharge type Cycle Duty Batteries are used in Battery Powered Mining Locomotives in underground mines. RICO’s Mining Loco Batteries are proven and reliable in deep underground mines. Trusted by all Mining Locomotive Battery users and Locomotive manufacturers like BEML and others. In many highly flammable gassy mines, Batteries have to be approved by DGMS (Director General of Mines Safety) and our Mining Loco Batteries have withstood and passed the Mines Safety regulations regarding Insulation, quality and allowable Leakage Voltage in highly gassy mines of Chasnalla Colliery at Jharia District in Jharkhand. RICO’s Mining Loco Batteries are fit for use in highly flammable gassy mines.
RICO manufactures Deep Cycle Duty Motive Power Traction Battery for underground Mining Locomotives with special design and at each manufacturing stage to ensure dependability and all-round safety in operation.
All underground Mining and Tunnel Locomotives.
Locomotive Batteries are custom Built, generally works on customer specified voltage and AH capacity ranging from 48 Volt to 440 Volt and AH capacity ranges upto about 700 AH, depending on the design of the Loco of their Locomotive pulling Load etc. Voltage and AH capacity can also be more if specifically required by any customer.
RICO’s mining locomotive Batteries comply with IS 5154:2013 and IEC 60254-1:2005.
Our Labs are equipped with state-of-the-art high quality AH capacity Testing and also Life Cycle Endurance Testing Machine of Ador Digatron Make.
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