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Innovative Products

1. Leakage Voltage free Locomotive Operation Battery:

Developed DGMS approved leakage voltage free/near zero leakage voltage underground Mining Locomotive Battery rated 192 Volt, 650 AH (C-5) for 12 Tonner Load Capacity Locomotive application in highly flammable gassy mines of Chasnalla Colliery of SAIL, IISCO(Jharkhand).

2. TOTO/EV Duty Traction Battery:

RICO jointly with its Sister concern Rico Technology & Exports (P) Ltd. have successfully developed TOTO/EV Duty HED-LM Traction Battery, specifically designed on consideration of all problems of existing TOTO Battery instead of SLI Duty Automotive Type Battery as presently used. These High Silver Alloy make quality Traction Battery has design service life of over 30 months, under proper maintenance as per O&M Guidelines.
In presently available Battery, if any single cell becomes defective, out of 6 Nos. cells, the whole battery unit is to be scrapped and replaced with a new costly battery.
An innovative idea and technology has been incorporated in RICON TOTO Battery to solve the above problem. In RICON Battery any defective cell can be repaired/replaced at nominal cost and the battery shall work like a new one. This is saving in operation cost and effectively increasing the service life of the Battery even over 2-3 years.

3. Battery Energy Storage System:

RICO is the first company in India for development and introduction of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the country, jointly with IIT-Kharagpur for Power Grid Conditioning, Spinning Reserve, Peaking Power Service and Shifting Bulk Industrial/Commercial Load from Peak to Off-Peak. In the year 2009, RICO jointly with IIT-Kharagpur had given a presentation on the subject at Central Electrical Authority Auditorium, New Delhi, in presence of high profile technical experts from different Industries like CEA (12 Nos. Officers), CERC, DSIR, CSIR, MNES, DOE, BEE, Reliance Energy, all from New Delhi and also others.

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