3 & 3A, Ambica Mukherjee Road, Belgharia.

Industries Served

Steel Sector

Battery Type : Motive Power Traction, Stationary(PLANTE & TUBULAR), Automobile, Diesel Loco Starter Batteries.

Power Sector

Battery Type : Stationary(PLANTE & TUBULAR), Motive Power Traction, Diesel Loco , BESS.


Engineering Sector

Battery Type :Motive Power Traction, Stationary(PLANTE & TUBULAR) ,Automobile, Diesel Loco Starter Batteries.


Mining Sector

Battery Type :  Mining Sector Locomotive Battery in Coal Mines, Manganese Ore, Copper Mines, Uranium Mines, etc.   

Railway Sector

Battery Type :  Motive Power Traction Battery, Diesel Loco Starter Battery, Battery Charger, etc. 

Defence Sector

Battery Type : Motive Power Traction, Stationary(PLANTE & TUBULAR) ,Automobile, etc.

Port Trust

Battery Type :Motive Power Traction, Stationary (PLANTE & TUBULAR) ,Automobile, Diesel Loco Starter Batteries, etc.

Transport Sector

Battery Type :  EV Traction Battery / TOTO Traction Battery

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) For Non-conventional Use In Power Sector & In Renewable Energy Sectors

Power and Renewable Energy Sector and Similar Storage Power Systems.

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