3 & 3A, Ambica Mukherjee Road, Belgharia.

Reliance Storage Energy & Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Brand : RICO) is a leading Lead-Acid Battery manufacturing company in the country that manufactures all types of Industrial Lead-Acid Batteries, having all India market presence. It is an ISO – 9001 Certified company. The Company was established in the year 1979 by some technically sound Entrepreneurs in the field of Lead-Acid Battery Technology.

The Company has two manufacturing plants, one having covered working area of over 25,000 sq. ft. and the other having covered working area of over 20,000 sq. ft. Both are located in outskirts of the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We have a Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India recognised in-house R&D Unit located at about 12 Km away from our manufacturing plant.

The Company’s Batteries are made with latest Advanced Battery Technologies and proven and field tested designs, which undergo complete testing including Life-Cycle Testing in our well-equipped Electrical Laboratory as per relevant National/International Standards. Our Laboratories are equipped with State-of-the-Art testing machine, some of which are as under:


Type of Company Private Limited
Nature of Business Manufacturing & Marketing
Type of Industry

(i) Hi-Tech Flooded Lead Acid Battery Manufacturer of all types of Battery & Battery Charger

(ii) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
Brand Name RICO

Registered Office Address
3 & 3A, Ambica Mukherjee Road, Belgharia, Kolkata, Pincode- 700056, West Bengal.
Phone : (033) 25537540, 25531964, 25643589
E-mail : reliancestorage@gmail.com
Year of Establishment 1979
Board of Directors (i) Mr.M.Khaskel, Managing Director
(ii) Dr.B.R.Sarkar, Director 
(iii) Mr.S.K.Basu, General Manager 

To be a market leader in Lead Acid Batteries by continuous technology Up-gradation through Research and Development work in our DSIR (Govt.of India) recognised R&D Laboratory and providing our esteemed customers with world class quality products, exceeding Customer’s specified requirements and expectations.


To make Lead Acid Technology achieve higher level of excellence through continuous R&D, in respect of all important performance parameters like higher Energy Densiry, Power Density, longer service life, lower maintenance, abuse tolerance, lower foot print etc. and to enable BESS to Power the future with Renewable Energy sources combined with Thermal Plant Grid Energy as a combination to achieve a safer and greener world.


RICO is committed to provide world-class batteries using latest and updated design, technology and manufacturing practices from start to finish.


The Company’s In-house R&D is recognised by Dept. Of Science & Industrial Research (DSIR) under Dept. Of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The Company has a long term joint research arrangement with IIT, Kharagpur.

The company started R&D activities in 1980 on development of efficient, economic and compact Electric Energy Storage System based on High Energy Density Lead-Acid Storage Batteries for pollution free Electric Vehicle application and also for Non-Conventional Energy Sector application as Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), a unique Energy Storage Power System, for application in Power Utilities for multiple benefits like grid stabilization, better management of system from Generation to Distribution stage, incl. Peaking Power Service, Load levelling etc. Objective of R&D activities was development of economic bulk electric energy reservoir to store surplus/unutilized electric energy as could be generated by power-plants during mid-night/off-peaking hours and re-convert the same to AC Power by high capacity (Mega Watt Range) Advance Power Electronic Convertor for Load Balancing in Power Utility through demand side management in Power System by installation in Electric Sub-Station as Stand-by Power Source for distribution to loads at peak load demand hours etc. and also for Power Line Conditioning. With the technology developed through R&D activities, apart for using the same for BESS operation, the company started manufacturing and marketing HED-LM Lead-Acid Batteries for applications such as Motive Power Source in Battery powered Electric Vehicles/In-plant electric vehicles, Battery powered underground Mining Locomotives and Industrial Batteries. In due course the technology was modified and extended for PLANTE Stationary and Tubular Stationary Batteries. The company has established itself as a pioneer in Technology Development regarding BESS which has very important applications in Power Sector.


(i) Introduction of Nano-CNT Technology in Deep Cycle Duty Lead-Acid Battery for increasing Energy Density of such Batteries, quick re-charging, longer cycle life, High-rate discharge performance, lower maintenance, etc. for boosting Road EVs/Battery Bus Application and other application.

(ii) Development of Smart Microgrid System with diverse Renewable Energy sources and also with Conventional Grid Supply System.


(i) We have MOU with IIT/Kharagpur, West Bengal for R&D work on Battery Technology.

(ii) M/s. Metra Electronics, Kolkata for manufacture of Battery Charger for Traction Battery and Stationary Battery Application.

(iii) M/s.Rico Technology & Exports Pvt. Ltd., Gopalpur-Chandigarh, Kolkata-700132


(i) PLANTE` Stationary Battery

(ii) OPzS Tubular Battery

(iii) Standard Tubular Battery

(iv) Motive Power Traction Battery

(v) EV Traction Battery

(vi) Diesel Locomotive Starter Battery

(vii) Mining Locomotive Battery

(viii) TOTO Traction (AT) HED-LM Battery

(ix) Automobile (SLI) Battery

(x) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

(xi) Battery Charger

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