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RICO’s sister concern RICO Technology & Exports (P) Ltd. Manufactures RICON Brand Advance Technology Traction Battery especially designed for TOTO.
EV Duty TOTOs require High Energy Density, Low Maintenance (HED-LM) Traction Duty Battery for best performance and NOT Automotive Plate based Batteries, as done by most manufacturers which are cheap and poor in performance and Service Life.
RICON has successfully developed TOTO/EV Duty HED-LM Traction Battery, specifically designed on consideration of all major problems of existing TOTO Battery. Such Silver Alloy make quality Traction Battery can ensure the service life of TOTO Battery of over 2-3 years; if the Operation & Maintenance is done as per Manual i.e. service life from TOTO Battery can be more than doubled/trebled.
Innovation in RICON TOTO Battery:
In presently available PPCP container based Heat-Sealed TOTO Battery, if for any reason, one cell of the battery becomes defective; the whole 12 Volt Battery Unit has to be replaced because it is not possible to repair/replace a single cell. Such total battery unit replacement is costly.
In RICON TOTO Battery made in Hard Rubber container, an innovative idea has been introduced such that if any cell gets is defective for any reason, it can be replaced at a nominal cost and a costly battery unit not to be rejected. This shall revive the whole Battery Unit and it can work normally. Such repair/replacement can be done by a battery technician with cell groups available from manufacturer at nominal cost, compared to the cost of whole Battery replacement. With this method of cell replacement the Battery Unit’s effective overall service life can be increased to 2-3 years. This will be very much cost effective.
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