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Such Batteries used in Large High Capacity Diesel Loco starting are of special design required to satisfy its high current delivering, cranking and rolling performance requirements.
APPLICATIONS: Railways, Steel Plants etc. in their Diesel Locomotives.
  1. These batteries are made in heavy duty tough FRP containers to withstand vibration and shocks encountered under conditions of Railway Service.
  2. Specially designed to withstand the arduous duty of supplying the specified Diesel Engine Starting Cranking and rolling load current to crank the Diesel Engine.
  3. Cells of these batteries are made with specially designed pasted type plates, capable of providing greater starting Power and lower internal resistance. Batteries with Tubular plates are also made but this is not preferred.
  4. The grids are casted from specially formulated Lead alloy with Antimony (Sb) and a few other nucleant metals. 
  5. The active materials are specially prepared. PE Separators have high porosity.
  6. All these factors give longer service life, more starting power and greater durability to Diesel Loco Starter Batteries.
  7. These batteries comply with IS: 7624 – 1990.
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